Thursday, February 6, 2014


After an age, here's some post-age! (Or rather, a half post, since this is mostly link-age!) I hope you're all doing amazingly well! At the moment, I'm downing coconut-doused coffee while scratching out an actual post... (*this is the point where I smile sheepishly*) It's rough-age, right now. So, until then, maybe you'd like to for-age through some of this stuff.

Why We Need Pastor with Big Hearts by John Knight.
--I'm not a seminarian. Or a pastor. Or a guy. But I thoroughly enjoyed this article, because there's some really applicable truth therein. My favorite quote? "...the intellectual activities of seminary can turn a heart away from intimacy with God if academic achievement becomes more important than knowing God." In my life, do I study the Bible in order to know Christ more, or in order write out a mental certificate of achievement? Convicted!

Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors --I HIGHLY recommend seeing this one-minute clip by Voddie Baucham, promoting his book of the same title. "Joseph" is one of the best things I've ever read. Epicness.

His Sign Post --the pretty stellar web ministry of House of Prayer church in Brooklyn. This isn't an article-specific link; but I've been blessed through Pastor Beck's heart for the Word, and it's a great place to peruse!

I'd like to say that the climes have rav-aged snow over here...but alas. Nothing quite so lovely. (If our weather isn't nippy, it bites.) Those of you in more wintry areas were evidently endowed with a cour-age my Texan blood didn't receive!

You might have noticed the really annoying (and incorrect!) hyphenating going on in some of these words! (It was painful for me to type, I promise!) They're actually a tip on what I'm hoping to drop in here sometime. :)

Hope your week is as lovely as can be man-aged!

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  1. Haha - I love your play on word-age here, Kaitlin :)! Thanks for sharing - I'll have to take a look at these links! And I can't wait to here what's coming next (this play on words really has me curious!).
    Blessings from snowy NY :),