Thursday, February 6, 2014


After an age, here's some post-age! (Or rather, a half post, since this is mostly link-age!) I hope you're all doing amazingly well! At the moment, I'm downing coconut-doused coffee while scratching out an actual post... (*this is the point where I smile sheepishly*) It's rough-age, right now. So, until then, maybe you'd like to for-age through some of this stuff.

Why We Need Pastor with Big Hearts by John Knight.
--I'm not a seminarian. Or a pastor. Or a guy. But I thoroughly enjoyed this article, because there's some really applicable truth therein. My favorite quote? "...the intellectual activities of seminary can turn a heart away from intimacy with God if academic achievement becomes more important than knowing God." In my life, do I study the Bible in order to know Christ more, or in order write out a mental certificate of achievement? Convicted!

Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors --I HIGHLY recommend seeing this one-minute clip by Voddie Baucham, promoting his book of the same title. "Joseph" is one of the best things I've ever read. Epicness.

His Sign Post --the pretty stellar web ministry of House of Prayer church in Brooklyn. This isn't an article-specific link; but I've been blessed through Pastor Beck's heart for the Word, and it's a great place to peruse!

I'd like to say that the climes have rav-aged snow over here...but alas. Nothing quite so lovely. (If our weather isn't nippy, it bites.) Those of you in more wintry areas were evidently endowed with a cour-age my Texan blood didn't receive!

You might have noticed the really annoying (and incorrect!) hyphenating going on in some of these words! (It was painful for me to type, I promise!) They're actually a tip on what I'm hoping to drop in here sometime. :)

Hope your week is as lovely as can be man-aged!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

good stuff

I love New Year's since it's usually just our family huddled against the Texas cold (y'know, this 60 degree weather!) playing Scrabble. But I have trouble adjusting to all of the switches that come with it. For the past year, I've been continually dating things as a-year-that-isn't-2013. And just as today seemed to be humming along well, I was knocked with a new gasp--it's 2014. A whole new year to adjust to! Yikes!

C.S. Lewis once noted that many of our troubles in "getting used to time" are reminders that we really don't belong to this realm. I love that. It reminds me of Ecclesiastes 3:11; "He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end."

With that said, I thought it would be fun to jot down some of my favorite reading-scourings from this year. (More fun for me, really, since I love links! And hence the title of this post.)

Delighting in Delight by Tim Challies. Completely precious reminder of gratefully receiving grace!

The Gospel vs Moralism by Tim Keller. Totally convicting. I suppose the main thrust-audience would be designated teachers of the Word, but I found it useful as well. Awesomeness!

Comparisons and the Body of Christ by Rachel Sue. One of the most encouraging things I've read all year! Great thoughts on 1Corinthians 12.

In the Shadow of the Son by Michelle Lesley. This is masterful. I can't say too much, because it would spoil what is an amazing look at Scripture. As my sister once said, "The Bible is the only book truly without plot holes!"

Is It Real? by John MacArthur. This was an interesting look at proofs that "follow" salvation, out of 1John.

(I feel rather bad for not putting these in any sort of order! Oh, well!) Hope that your new year's celebration is completely wonderful as the time travelling goes on! May He be your Vision today and ever and always!

Now, I'm off to go wrestle with the calendar. Where did Monday go?!